What exactly is Panther Martial Arts, and how do you earn it?

The Panther Martial Arts is an ancient tribal fighting style that has existed for as long as humans have. It has been passed down from generation to generation orally, in writing, and then finally in the form of a physical skillset. Northern tribes once used it to protect their territory with the help of bows and arrows. And today, it is still being practised around the world, with thousands of modern martial artists all across the globe actively practising this ancient art that still exists today. The style’s primary goal is to create fluidity in your movements while perfecting your attack on various points on your opponent’s body.

How can you benefit from Digital Internet Martial Arts and Private Tutoring?

As a martial artist, you have a great responsibility to yourself and your family and friends around you. As one who is constantly developing the ability to defend yourself, you might be interested in taking up Private Tutoring. Private Tutoring is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves or their property. Having these skills is essential as protection from physical harm, but it also becomes a handy tool for self-defence in the digital world. Knowing how to protect yourself from these attacks becomes imperative with the increasing number of cyberattacks on individuals and businesses alike.

How is Panther martial arts & Family fitness essential?

Our style of martial arts is geared toward everyone. It is an excellent way for kids and adults to learn how to defend themselves or be fit and healthy. Our classes create an enjoyable and friendly environment for any age group. And with our private lessons, we can teach you everything you need to know about the style in an individualised setting, which allows you to develop at a comfortable pace.

Advantages of learning Panther martial arts:

  1. Panther is a combination of the three most practical styles, which are;

  1. This style was specially developed for women who can learn self-defence very quickly with this style.

  1. The panther martial arts mainly aims at using the basic defence principles, attacking and controlling works that match it with modern combat technologies and the necessities of combat sport competitions and self-defence sports.

  1. Panther teaches how to defend, attack and defend from martial arts attacks such as Karate, wrestling and boxing etc.

  1. It is a complete self-defence system that combines all the skills necessary for self-defence and self-defence in modern times.

  1. This art has its own combat sports track called Gan Jang Do, meaning Punching Martial Arts of Korea.

  1. This art can be learnt very quickly. It has been passed down through four generations only and developed into a new form. Any modern student can understand it within one or two years.


The Panther Martial Arts is an ancient martial art passed down before written history. It has been used to protect the northern tribes with their natural weapons of arrows and bows. Today it is still being practised worldwide, spread by thousands of modern martial artists all across the globe. The main goal of this style is to create fluidity in your movements while perfecting your attack on various points on your opponent’s body.

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