What Makes People Watch Cricket In The First Place?

People consider cricket one of the most popular sports to date, as is the cricket fantasy game. Moreover, it is one of the most exciting sports and played by most countries globally; it is incredibly trendy in India, England, and Australia. People believe cricket began before the 16th century. It is also one of the oldest sports and can be dated back to the 1500s, in the small villages of Southern England now known as Sussex.

Since its humble beginnings, cricket boasts an estimated fan base of around two and a half billion. It has also become the second most popular sport globally and the second popular sports fantasy app. People from all over the world play and follow cricket. Here are a few factors that make cricket a trendy sport and make people watch it.

  1. It is an easy sport to learn

Whether real or on a cricket fantasy app, cricket is considered an easy-to-learn sport. That is because it follows simple gameplay that involves batting and bowling of the ball in an attempt to hit the wicket. The game of cricket consists of two teams of eleven players each, each taking its turn at batting and trying to score runs while the other team fields or defends.

Although it might sound confusing, watching and playing the game or reading some guides will help you learn the sport. Or play cricket fantasy to understand the concept of the game quickly.

  1. It is a unique sport

Unlike other sports, the scores in real or fantasy cricket sports don’t determine who is leading as the game continues to be unpredictable until the end. The score of first-team batting gets recorded first. And the winner is then determined by the second team surpassing the first team’s record at the end of the game.

  1. You don’t need to be young to play cricket

In cricket matches, you may have noticed that the age of the professional players ranges from fifteen-year-olds to adults who are still capable of playing. However, non-professional players too can enjoy cricket as anyone can play it, regardless of their age. This factor plays a significant role in widening the age bracket of the sport’s supporters.

  1. The matches are fascinating to watch

Professional cricket players make the sport more enjoyable; each cricket match becomes more exciting to watch with their skills. Whether it is international tournaments or first-class matches, viewers are thrilled to see how much can unfold in a game. The game’s unpredictability captures your attention, keeps you glued to your seat, and stimulates you to focus entirely on that single moment.

  1. It has many different formats

Although cricket takes a lot of time to play in comparison to other sports, the different formats and tournaments happening from time to time keep people interested and entertained from time to time. The three primary forms include Twenty-20 Internationals, One Day Internationals, and Test matches. The format determines the duration of a game, whether the sport has to be played within a few hours, a day, or a span of four to five days, respectively.

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