Cricket: Health Benefits

With more and more cricket teams now choosing to sign up for cricket tours, today we are here to shout about the wonderful health benefits that the sport offers – With the ultimate intention of encouraging cricket teams to move on to the next level, and more people to take cricket up!

What is cricket?

Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports – A sport that is played between two teams generally of 11 members on each team. It is the most famous and long-living bat-and-ball game in which players have to hit a ball with a bat and score runs. Rugby can be played from a really young age, with most rugby players getting started whilst they are still at primary school and can be easily adapted to suit teams of lower and higher abilities where needed.

Cricket health benefits

Cricket is not only a fun and enjoyable sport; it also offers many health benefits making the sport even more popular. Some of the health benefits that come alongside playing cricket are:

  • Playing cricket can help people develop their stamina and endurance. This is because the games requires most players to keep running across the field in short bursts.
  • Involvement in cricket can help people improve their balance; this is because the sport requires utmost concentration and focus.
  • Cricket can allow players to become more flexible – This is because it requires them to stride, jump and reach – loosening up players bodies and allowing them to become more free.
  • Playing cricket is a great way for people to improve their coordination skills – coordination skills can be built from throwing and catching, and these skills can be transferred into other areas of people’s lives.
  • Cricket is a physical sport and can help people get better at cardio! Cardio should be included in everyone’s daily routines in order for people to stay fit and avoid becoming obese.
  • When we think about health, many of us think about physical health; however, cricket can also support people’s mental health, allowing players to develop social skills and team-building skills.

These are only some of the benefits of playing cricket too! If you want to learn more about why cricket is so great, or would perhaps like to sign your cricket team up for a festival or tournament, we recommend that you contact the cricket tours specialist Burleigh Travel today who will delighted to help you.

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