Cricket in 2019: Top 3 events you should watch

The cricket world cup only just came to an exciting end, but luckily the next few events are waiting for us!

Ashes: England vs. Australia

1 August – 14 September

The Ashes are coming up again. After the last edition that took place in the land Down Under, we are ready for another five tests series that will show the heat between England and Australia. The Ashes is one of the leading cricket competitions that has been taking place every one and a half to two years for the past 137 years.

This year, the 71st edition of the event will occur in England, divided over five different locations all over the country. The previous cricket world cup showed us that England’s team is ready to show what they’re made of. The odds show a clear favorite but it is clearly in no way to be sure who will take home the trophy. This year’s Ashes will definitely be an event to place your bets on. So pick your winner now or check out the ashes betting odds!

India v South Africa 2019

15 September – 14 October

Right after the Ashes will come to an end, the next major cricket event will take off. Both of these countries are big shots in the world of cricket. It is therefore not surprising that these two meet again to test each other’s strengths on the field. India, being the leading party in the world of professional cricket, is not very likely to relinquish its position. Nevertheless, it will be very interesting to see how South Africa will attempt to find new ways to conquer the India front.

In the last World Cup, India proved their skills and was able to start their winning campaign in their first match against South Africa. A win by six wickets is not something to take lightly. For this match later in the year, South Africa will have to step it up in order for them to have a shot at victory!

Australia vs. New Zealand

12 December – 20 March

At the end of this year, you will still have a great cricket event to look forward to. Down in the south, weather conditions won’t obstruct the happening of this match between Australia and New Zealand. In both countries, the sport found great popularity for both players and audience. Australia is the big favorite in this upcoming match, but New Zealand could surprise us all and beat their neighbors this winter

The Ashes are the first major cricket event that is coming to us quite soon. Make sure to place your bets if you have not done so yet! Check out the latest Ashes odds 2019 and make up your mind about who will take home the trophy.

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