Heart Rate Fitness Training and How It Will Help Client Athletes

f you are a personal trainer and work with athletes in sports training, you might want to add certifications to your resume in order to better help the athletes that hire you for personal training. A good thing for athletes to know is how to manage their heart rate. You can get certification in this area at any approved NEST certified training center.


When you register to take heart rate fitness training you will get the following:

  • Online training
  • Study at your own speed
  • Course access is immediate
  • Upon passing the exam you will receive a digital certification
  • Option for a physical certification mailed to you
  • Lifetime certification as well as training access

Why this knowledge is important

Certification in this area of “heart rate training for athletes” is important because:

  • The American Heart Association recommends using targeted heart rates in order to measure a client’s initial fitness level and to monitor progress while training.
  • You can design heart rate exercise plans to reach heart rate training zones.
  • Hold your sport’s clients responsible by monitoring and evaluating progress with every stage of their training.
  • Get better results.

The heart is just another muscle that can be trained along with other muscles in the body.

How does this work

This heart-rate training involves keeping the heart rate with a set range while working out. This type of training is useful for athletes or any client for aerobic exercise such as running and cycling where this effort is sustained for 20 or more minutes. Measuring this heart rate is a good way to know how effective the workouts are.

Heart is a muscle

For an athlete to benefit from this training is simple – their heart does not have to beat as often in order to get the needed oxygen to their muscles. This will, in turn, decrease their resting and exercise heart rate.

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