How to bet on hockey?

Hockey is an Indian game. When it comes to betting on hockey, it’s not that easy as you think, the national hockey league is an essential league among the others.  Before a bettor starts to bet, he needs to know about all the details regarding odds and other betting options like money line betting, puck line, grand salami, and totals. Here you can find them all in detail. For more, you can go with


In hockey, money line betting takes the place of spread point. In this line, you required to select a team, on which you put your money in. Mostly these teams are underdogs teams or favourite teams of the bettor. It is the most common method of betting. Usually, the sportsbook uses a 20 cent line for making the difference between the favourite team and the underdog team. And this makes a difference for you.


The totals include over and under criteria. In these criteria, over and under levels are set up by the bettor. The sportsbook set a line for the total scores earned by the team. The sportsbook set up lines according to the past performance and by analyzing the matches played by the organization. Totals are the total scores that may be earned by the team on which the lines are set up. And through these totals over and underlines are set by the bettors.

Puck line

The puck line is mostly a combination of money line and spread points. In this line, the wagering is done with plus or minus of 1 and half of the goals. Simply you wager on the team to win by two or more goals, or you can wager on a team to win outright or just wager on one or two goals. It is all the puck line defined for a bettor.

Grand salami

The grand salami is a unique bet in the pro hockey matches. That is played in the over and under the form and tied up on a particular day. Oddsmaker creates a number on each day, based on the number of games available. And you can wager on over and under the grand salami totals. The totals are set by adding all the listed above and under bets for each game on a particular day.

Once you get a grab of this, no one can stop you from taking over the sports betting world!

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