Knowing about mixed martial arts (MMA)

The Mixed Martial Arts, better known by the English acronym MMA is a combat sport that includes punches of the fight in combat position, i.e. standing, and fighting techniques on the ground (“grappling”). Originating in wrestling, MMA mixes different techniques from various combat sports and martial arts, such as Muay-thai, Karate, Boxing, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The term “mixed martial art” was coined by television critic Howard Rosenberg who, in 1993, used it to describe the first event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), an MMA promoter.

The first MMA event took place in Biloxi, Mississippi, in August 1996. For the regular, a new set of rules was created – an adaptation of the standards used in kickboxing, which allowed take downs and ground fighting. This set of rules was responsible for defining many of the current characteristics of MMA, such as fouls, combat surface and the use of a cage, the hallmark of the sport.

What is UFC?

UFC is currently the largest and most important promoter of MMA. Every year, it organizes about 40 events, both inside and outside the United States. The promoter is in charge of some of the most important MMA fighters.

What are the rules of MMA?

Most US sports bodies, notably the UFC, are governed by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, a set of rules originally established in 2000 by the California State Athletic Commission. Although they were created in the United States of America, these standards are strictly followed by most foreign MMA associations. If you want to know how to become an MMA coach then firstly you need to know these rules.

MMA fights consist of five minute rounds. In competitions, fights may not exceed five rounds whereas, in non-title matches, the maximum is three. Wrestlers must wear shorts, gloves, mouthpiece (dental protection) and girth (genital protection), and must not wear any kind of footwear.

The fault list is extensive and includes attacks on the spine, groin, eyes, throat and neck. It is also forbidden to bite, pull hair, and if a fighter is on the floor, it cannot be hit in the head by his opponent with kicks or knees. Whenever a fighter makes a foul, he receives a warning from the referee. At the third warning, it is automatically disqualified. So, if you need proper MMA fitness training then you can contact with MMA conditioning association, they will provide you best proven tactics, and strategies for explosive power, strength and endurance.

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