NBA 2K21 – Season 5 Has Started

NBA 2K21 MyTeam is inviting players to take part in Season 5. It’s called Age of Heroes and it comes with lots of new things to do and rewards to acquire. But first, let’s discover the meaning of this season’s name. As you know, each MyTeam season has a theme and name. During Season 5, the third MyTeam Unlimited Tournament will conclude. The total prize pool is $250,000 and the competition is tight. Thanks to live streaming, you can catch the games and see the show. This is also the time when MyTeam gets a new NBA All-Star team. This season is all about winners and heroes. Last but certainly not least, this season is also about the players. They may not be NBA superstars or professional e-sports players, but they deserve to be celebrated as well. Age of Heroes is bringing many new cards into the game.

It’s no secret that MyTeam players like to mix and match and come up with diverse lineups. They use cards representing historic moments and also current players. These 13-player teams can be used to play competitive modes or to fulfill the requirements of themed teams. Age of Heroes comes with two new card collections. The historic collection, Golden Age, will feature 15 past players. Modern Age includes hero versions of 15 of the current NBA players. These cards are a very ambitious idea and we are excited to see how this plays out. Should players acquire all the cards in the Golden Age and Modern Age collections, they will receive a grand reward. We don’t have any details about this reward, only that it is an item never seen before in MyTeam. Season 5 will add new cards. As a result, many lineups will be updated. Players will surely want to integrate these new cards into teams as soon as possible. Season 5 begins with a free card. Players can use a locker code to get a Michael Jordan card. You can use this card to complete the Michael Jordan: Signature Challenge for which you get a diamond shoe and a Hall of Fame badge. Quantum is a new MyTeam collection that will debut in Season 5. It has some great pink diamond cards. The Idol Series 2 collection expands in Age of Heroes with new items including limited-edition hero cards. MyTeam Limited gets updates. MyTeam Season 5 will be shorter than the previous seasons. It will last for five weeks so make haste and collect all the prizes. If you need to buy 2K21 MT coins, remember that is here for you!

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