Selecting Baseball Cleats Is No Less Than an Art

Why you need sturdy cleats?

Imagine hitting the ball hard and going for a home run. You are a focused player, and you always go all out when you hit the ball. Time stops, and you see the ball coming towards you. Blood gushes through your veins and for a second, time slows down. You swing your bat to hit the ball speeding towards you with all your strength, and voila! It’s a perfect hit. Being a professional and talented player, you start your home run, but before you notice that you’re not running with as much speed as you usually run. You still manage to reach the other base, but you lose traction and slip. The other team gets the ball in the meantime, and that’s it. The magnificent home run is over before you it is completed. That’s what happens when you don’t wear sturdy cleats.

Types of Cleats:

Cleats are not only necessary for a complete home run, but they also prevent some very gory injuries. They provide more traction and grip to the wearer, making it safer to exert in the field. Cleats have different types to suit various needs, and the following are the most common ones.

  • Metal:

Metal cleats are the sturdiest of all the types, and they provide ankle safety, gripand a firm hold in the ground. Batters find them the most beneficial because they can stick their lead foot on the ground, which makes swinging the bat with greater force easier. Metal cleats are like mastering an art because it has a good grip, which will make turning a bit difficult.

  • Plastic Cleats:

Most plastic cleats have plastic spikes that are attached permanently. These are more durable than metal cleats and cost less. You can use them on artificial turf, and the dirt effectively without wearing down. However, they don’t have a grip like the metal ones.

  • Trainer Cleats:

Trainer shoes are perfect for practicing on turf, as they provide a good grip. They are also comfortable and can help in the practice sessions effectively. They don’t wear down easily and can provide you with a firm hold.

How to choose a perfect match:

To be efficient in the game, you must have sturdy cleats that serve you best. Choosing the right one can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. You should put a checklist and start checking the points to buy the best fit. The first thing you should see is the position you play on. Infielders, outfielders and the pitchers all have their needs.

  1. Infielders need to be light. They must be swift, and the plastic cleats might stick more dirt to it. The infielders might, therefore, want to go with the metal cleats, as they would help the infielders move quicker.
  1. The outfielders need to chase the ball quickly, so they must have a good grip. The metal cleats, as mentioned above, provide the best grip. Therefore, the outfielders should go with metal cleats.
  1. Pitchers throw the ball with a lot of strength. The pitchers might need to stick their foot in the ground, allowing them to concentrate more power in the throw. Metal cleats provide the best grip, so the pitchers should also go with them.

The second point you should notice is the size of your toe. Some people have a longer toe as compared to others. You should be careful when approximating the size of your cleat. The distance between the toe and the tip of the shoe should be enough to protect you against toe injuries when sliding.

The third point is to check the sole. The sole should be comfortable, and you should always walk in them for a few meters before you buy them.

These brief points will hopefully be great starting points for selecting your perfect pair of cleats. Now if you want to find out the best baseball cleats on the market right now then WhatAllTheProsUse have written an awesome article, click here to have a quick read.

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