Smartest Details for the Perfect Football relay Now

Athletes playing roles in football, which are under the second and third numbers in the team, are the right (RB / PZ) and left (LB / LZ) defender, respectively. Most of the time they spend on the lateral edge of the field or “edge”. For what they got variations of the name of their role eyebrow, lateral or extreme defender,lateral. Most often, it is the extreme defenders in football who are the first to encounter an attack by rivals. Through the MLB중계 you can now have the best choices.

Although they are used in attacks, due to the possibility of expanding the line of defense, making accurate transfers on the top and bottom to the enemy’s penalty area,for extreme defenders, it is mandatory to have physical endurance and high speed skills, as well as the ability to perform a large number of interceptions and selections.

Famous laterals include Cafu, Ashley Cole, Harry Neville, Gareth Bale, Glen Johnson, and Roberto Carlos da Silva. A variety of defenders are also flank defenders. This is a kind of integration of laterals with an extreme midfielder. Wingbacks, along with the qualities of LZ and PZ, have good dribbling skills and high dexterity, allowing them to go on the attack. It should be noted that there are not so many attacking defenders.

Central defender

From the title of the line it follows that this player is defending the central axis. The “hottest” attack is taking place in this zone, which means that the back center (CZ / CB) must be powerful, tall and strong, otherwise it cannot survive. The central defender is characterized by skills such as heading, jumping and tackle. Because of this, fives are actively used for corner and penalties. The best backs include Tiago Silva, Leonardo Bonnuchi.

  • Due to the presence of high leadership qualities, stoppers often become team captains. Such are Carles Poyul, NemanjeVidic, and Rio Ferdinand. Since the mid-60s of the 20th century, a variety of central defenders in football has appeared – a free defender. It is also called the libero, sweeper or cleaner. Its task is to correct all defense errors. A free quarterback in football is an experienced player who can predict the actions of opponents and members of his team. For his task of “cleaning”, as well as for the lack of a fixed position on the site, he got his name. Famous football defenders of this type include Franco Barezi, Franz Beckenbauer.

Midfielders in football

 The next line of defense is midfielders. Headbacks are located between the attackers and the defenders, and their playing role varies depending on the situation and strategy towards attack and defense. Their traditional rooms are from 6 to 8.

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