Irama’s Chat Platform

As part of Irama’s commitment to helping every football player achieve their potential and grow as an individual, we have introduced a chatting platform. The goal of this software is to allow individuals to build a network of like-minded friends, colleagues and contacts.

To access the chatting portal click the “Chat” tab on the homepage of Irama’s website. This will take you to a login page where can set up your profile or login as a guest. This is to let people know a bit about yourself, e.g. name, where you are from and footballing level. After this, you are granted access to the chatting platform where you can speak to anyone else online as well as form groups and networks with others in a similar position to you.

We think this is a great way for our community to grow in strength and cohesion. By allowing coaches, players and scouts to interact in casual, social situations this should allow individuals to learn more about the industry as a whole giving room for great personal growth. We believe this platform will create more rounded individuals who will grow as people and create support networks with each other. Irama is about helping each other achieve our goals and this platform is a great example of how we are looking to achieve this.

This platform can be used to simply talk socially about whatever you want. A chance to make friends with like-minded people from across the world and build relationships that will last a lifetime. Alternatively, one could use this platform as a networking opportunity, to speak to coaches as well as other players in order to grow your career. By making contacts through Irama you can help to grow your career by utilising this platform.

We hope this chatting platform is a great innovation which puts our community first. The aim of this platform is to allow everyone to interact and therefore strengthen our community around the love of the game as well as the passion to propel ourselves forwards professionally.

To become a part of our ever-growing network of coaches, players and scouts, please register for free at We help players, scouts, managers, teams and sponsors connect on a network to promote the interests of all members of the football community.



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