Five Awesome Ways to Make Your Skateboard Go Faster

Making your skateboard faster is not as difficult as it seems. With just a little bit of extra knowledge, some know-how, and a few adjustments to the skateboard, your skateboarding speed will go faster than your last limit.

Allowing your skateboard to reach a new speed limit is not just about parts: skateboard bearings, trucks, wheels, etc. It also involves you as a rider. Here are some excellent ways to make your skateboard go faster.

  • It’s Not Just About the Ride. It’s About the Rider.

Physics and engineering say a lot about skateboarding. It involves acceleration, momentum, aerodynamics, etc. In the topic of momentum, the heavier the rider is, the faster the skateboard will go. As for acceleration, the more force you use to push forward, the faster you accelerate. Aerodynamics also plays its part. You can reduce your air resistance by shrinking yourself while moving (just like in longboarding!)

The rider plays a significant role when it comes to speeding up a skateboard.

  • Choosing the Right Kind of Skateboard to be Used.

The lighter the skateboard is, the better. If you use your skateboard to commute, you’ll see the difference between using a heavier one than a lighter one. The design of the skateboard itself, such as the concavity, wheelbase, size, shape, and other factors, will determine the top speed of your skateboard.

  • Fly Away With Right Type of Lightweight Truck.

The same thing applies to the trucks. The lighter your lightweight truck is, the better. Just be careful with some adjustments that you have to make.

  • The Proper Ball Bearings Will Do the Trick.

Remember people: ball bearings are responsible for RPMs (revolutions per minute), meaning you can achieve speed not by relying on how fast they spin, but how long they revolve. And if you have the budget, try ABEC 9+ rated ball bearings. That will put you up for speed!


  • The Bigger the Wheels Are, the Faster You Go.

Upgrading to larger wheels will do the trick, although it may sacrifice some attributes like grip override. It all depends on your priorities. Larger wheels reach higher speed limits under a lower acceleration rate. Smaller wheels, on the other hand, are used to reduce friction while rolling.

It’s relatively easy to make a fast skateboard; it’s not rocket science! Make sure to follow these tips, and you’ll be guaranteed to be a speed demon.

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