Kepel Golf Gloves – Best Golf Gloves for both amateurs and professionals

Kepel golf gloves are a high-quality type of golf gloves designed to help golfers up their game. These gloves are equipped with top-notch features making them the #1 choice for both amateurs and professional golfers. The first edition Kepel golf gloves offer superb feel and grip and keep your hands feeling comfortable. The gloves’ high precision stitching, handmade finishes, and top-quality material make them the best choice for golfers looking to achieve the best golfing experience.


Why wear Kepel Golf Gloves?

Added protection

Kepel golf gloves are designed to provide protection from the weather elements and keep your hands healthy. Elements like cold, heat, wind, and sand can be problematic for golfers, and therefore having a good quality pair of golf gloves can improve your game significantly. Kepel golf gloves are made with the finest Cabretta leather to protect your hands from the repetitive friction of golf swings. In the heat, Kepel golf gloves provide superior moisture management to give you an excellent grip and control over the club. If you have soft skin, you’re likely to develop blisters and calluses if you don’t use good quality leather golf gloves. By wearing Kepel golf gloves, you can reduce friction and enhance your performance.

Comfortable fit

Kepel golf gloves stretch perfectly across your palm and fingers to fit comfortably over your hands. No matter the size of your hands, you’re sure to find Kepel golf gloves that will perfectly fit your hands.

Fast drying

Unlike the typical golf gloves in the market, Kepel golf gloves respond effectively to sweat and humidity. The gloves’ high-quality material wicks away moisture from your hands, and it evaporates much faster than any synthetic material. Therefore, these golf gloves provide a cooler and dryer feel.


Kepel golf gloves are more adhesive than average gloves; hence they provide more control with less effort regardless of your individual grip style. With these gloves, you can easily achieve a lighter grip, which will enable you to play with greater precision.

Consistent grip pressure

Wearing the wrong golf gloves can impair your grip leading to inaccuracy during play and even injury.  Kepel golf gloves help players to achieve consistent grip pressure, allowing them to improve swing speed and accuracy.

Moreover, these gloves make it possible for golfers to play in rain or cold weather. Since they are weather-resistant, water will not soak into the gloves while playing in the rain on when it’s colder.


  • Made with premium quality Cabretta leather to reduce sweating, improve grip, and ensure durability. The gloves feel soft and at the same time, guarantee durability.
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Equipped with great ventilation to facilitate great breathability for the hands.
  • In spite of its quality material and superior construction, these gloves are affordable for just about anyone
  • They offer excellent value for money

Kepel Golf Gloves provide golfers opportunities to improve their game. Get yourself these golf gloves if you want to get the best value for your money.

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