The Use of the Promo Codes and the Standard Results

It is not necessary to bet on the outcome of matches, you can bet on the outcome of tournaments. Starting from the winner of the league and the best scorer and ending with the exit of teams from the group or the passage to the next stage of the playoffs.

Goal after the 80th minute

Another interesting strategy for live betting, the essence of which is clear from the name. Of course, you need to bet not on all matches in a row, but choose games of productive teams. It is desirable that one of them lead exactly one ball.

The best football betting tournaments

You can earn money in any tournament, whether it is the League of Angola or the Guatemalan Cup, the main thing is to be well versed in a particular competition. But if you nevertheless take into account a number of criteria, then the best tournaments for betting on football in bookmakers are the following tournaments:

World and European Championships

The main event in the world of football is, of course, the mundial. During the World Cup, even those who rarely follow football and never bet at all become more active. There is plenty of information for analysis, the conditions in BC are attractive, there is no room for agreements, so the World Cup is number one. Next comes the Euro, which, of course, is inferior in status to the world championship, and maybe even the Champions League.

UEFA Champions League

Unlike the main national team tournaments, the Champions League is held annually, while not just one month, but the entire season. The strongest clubs in Europe, many matches, cool conditions for bookmakers, what else is needed for good football betting? With the Pointsbet promo code  you can come up with the finest deals now.

TOP 5 Championships

The advantage of these tournaments is, of course, the regularity of matches, which allows you to track trends and follow the form of teams. All five championships are promising in their own way, but the Premier League is an order of magnitude higher both in terms of football and in terms of potential for betting.

Europa League

Such a fate in this tournament is to constantly be in the shadow of the Champions League. Betting is done on LE less, of course, but also a lot. It is worth noting that the Europa League has its advantages, for example, a large number of values, especially at the group stage.

European leagues of the second category . This group includes the championships of Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, Holland and some others. As basic, they are hardly worth considering, but you can use them as additional tournaments.

European tournaments are listed above, with the exception of the World Cup. And what about other continents? Asia, Australia and Africa will interest few. But North and South America can offer betters a very good competition. These are Copa America, Copa Libertadores, as well as the championships of the USA, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Predictions on football from experts

One of the advantages of betting on football is rightfully considered a large number of high-quality forecasts. Hundreds of resources are easily found on the Internet with analysis and opinions from former players, commentators, television experts, and professional analysts.

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