Smart Spinning Lessons for Your Choices Now

The spinning or spin-bike is a high-end exercise bike for training at home or in the gym. To get the most out of your device, we offer some practice exercises on spinning bike or exercise bike that will allow you to develop muscle strength, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, explosive strength and power.

What is a spinning bike?

Invented in the nineties by Jonathan Goldberg, Spinning is first and foremost a training method combining rhythmic music and cardio-training performed on a fixed ergometer or spin-bike.  With the spinning lessons home you can have the best options now.

The spinning bike was invented in this context. It is a high-end exercise bike, ergometric, designed to train in the gym or at home. It combines strength, small size and all the functions of a racing bike: adjustable saddle, anatomical handlebar, automatic pedals, braking system, robust frame and thin saddle for pedaling dancer. For more information, read about the benefits of spinning.

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Spinning can develop cardiovascular endurance. It increases the respiratory capacity and optimizes the gas exchanges within the muscles, thus the capacity to produce energy quickly. After a few sessions, your heart will be more robust, your muscles more adapted to the effort, your performances increased. By following a specific program (see our home-trainer guide, also applicable to spinning), you can prepare the upcoming season, a competition or develop your skills for any endurance activity. The online indoor cycling class can help you perfectly here.

Spinning is ideal in winter to preserve the gains and continue to train in spite of external climatic conditions. Even if it is not enough to replace field training, it will help you prepare for the upcoming season. For example, it can effectively replace split output. It facilitates sessions in winter when the night falls or the outside temperature makes a difficult exit. It is also interesting for the warm-up before an exit or a competition as well as for the recovery.

Spinning bike training is more effective than on the road. There are no descents or break times. Half an hour of work equals approximately 1 hour of road cycling. Train accordingly!

What can one work on spinning bike?

The spin bike is very well suited to the work of power and strength (interval work or interval training, work in strength and velocity) more than the development of endurance. It allows land work by improving the efficiency of the muscles (quality) more than by improving its ability to remain hours in the saddle (quantity). It is good for physical maintenance, warm-up , recovery, relaxation. It is ideal for relearn to pedal (round pedaling) and improve coordination of movements. It is very adapted to the work of the sprint and the fractional one.

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